Al Rayhan

Al Rayhan is a retail company established in 2015 as specialized company in selling the best types of spices, herbs and nutritional supplements In all

its forms and at prices that meet the requirements and desires of customers.

Al-Rayhan outlets are to serve customers in professional way with the highest level of service through its branches covering the Kingdom, whether through its independent external branches or through point of sales within the major commercial hyper markets.

The company also provided its services and products to travellers outside the Kingdom through its branch in Duty Free at Queen Alia International Airport.

In Al-Rayhan, an advanced procurement system has been established at the highest level of professionalism supported by the quality department with the aim for ensuring and guaranteeing the highest level of quality. Products are imported from more than 60 countries around the world with its specialized products the distinctive taste people who are seeking to achieve a lifestyle full of health and life.

Al-Rayhan Company always puts its customers at the center of its attention in everything it does and works on it with a clear vision that aims to distinguish its customers and provide them with a unique shopping experience that simulates their senses with unlimited inspiration and more from one shopping station which quenches the style of health and life.


To be the ideal choice for a basket of quality products and healthy alternatives with a unique, multi-spreading experience that reaches the world

The message

We guarantee to attract clients by emulating their senses by:

1. Various high quality global sources for our products.

2. Employing creativity, modern equipment and advanced software in the production processes inside our factories.

3. Investing in establishing and developing modern sales channels.

4. Investing in human capital.

5. Pride in our heritage and values, and adhere to our responsibility towards our society.

6. Preserving the environment through optimal use and waste recycling.

Working Hours: 8:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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  • Amman, Airport St., Jamous Plaza

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